Our Mission is our purpose. It is what we strive to accomplish every day:

To provide our clients with the best and most technologically advanced systems at the most reasonable cost possible — to keep them safe, comfortable and in control!

System and Technology Experts

The Vero Security Group specializes in cutting edge security systems and more. We design, sell, install, maintain, service and replace CCTV, network video, access control, commercial and residential burglary, as well as specialized construction site portable alarms.

The Vero Way

We get it. We know what we are doing; and we do it right. We know that the only way to do business is to offer something of value to our clients; and the only way to stay in business is to be trustworthy. Indeed, our name derives from the Latin word for truth and that is the “Vero Way.”

Vero Security Earns Pulse of the City Award

Pulse of the City awards businesses in the construction industry for their great customer service. Vero Security Group LTD has earned a 4 star rating and the 2017 Pulse of the City News Award. Pulse of the City awarded Vero Security this award because Vero has done an excellent job at “combining superior construction product & excellent customer focus.” See the award the Pulse of the City Website.

Commercial Systems

We understand the unique requirements of our commercial clients. After all, we too are in business. Let us develop a hassle free solution—freeing you to be productive. We offer complete training on using all our systems, offer customized LEASING options and get YOUR JOB done ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET.

CCTV Systems

Vero Security offers Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) which are comprised of analog cameras and/or IP cameras linked to Digital Video Recorders (DVR) or Network Video Recorders (NVR) with real time visual displays through a standard computer flat screen monitor. DVRs and NVRs digitize camera signals, record them to a hard drive and can even encrypt each frame thereby making unauthorized editing essentially impossible. DVRs/NVRs can provide for continuous video recording or recording upon motion only. Read More…

Residential Systems

Nothing is more important than the safety, comfort and happiness of our families. That is why we take pride in developing residential systems. We know that when it comes to your family, it has to be perfect.

Access Control

The professionals at the Vero Security Group will design, install and service an access control system for your commercial or industrial facility. We offer a wide range of access control systems that can either be a stand-alone system, a system that is integrated into a network that allows seamless expansion or a web-based system—hosted offsite in a cloud. Read More…

Security Systems

A good security company’s primary concern will be the safety of your staff, customers or family. In the end, nothing else matters. A good security company will be reliable and experienced; and its people will take pride in their work. Read More…